Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods And Technologies, Digital Collections. Third All-Russian Scientific Conference
Petrozavodsk, September 11-13, 2001

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Resolution of the Round Table on "Oriental Studies"

The meeting of the Round Table on Oriental Studies with 18 participants took place on September 11, 2001.

    The following problems were discussed:

  1. IS "Oriental studies" project

  2. Specific features of creating digital libraries for oriental studies

  3. Challenges of coordinating informatization of oriental research centres in the Russian Federation.

    The following decisions were made:

  1. All experts in oriental studies should be informed about the IS "Oriental Studies" project, which should become a subject for joint discussions. Upon discussions and finalization the IS "Oriental studies" project may become a component of the "Informatization Programme for Oriental Studies", which should necessarily become a priority in the branch.

  2. A priority in the creation of graphic virtual libraries in the preparation of electronic catalogues. A pilot project - electronic collection of Yu. Rerikh's study room.

  3. In addition to the existing server, which is the basis for informatization in oriental studies, a "live" server - an online journal on oriental studies, should be prepared, and the "Oriental studies" section should be integrated in the "Mathematical morphology" online journal (Smolensk).

  4. The priority in coordinating computer research at regional oriental research centres is creation of "White pages" - an annotated digital guidebook to oriental studies in Russia.

  5. Prepare an ad hoc meeting of the Learned Council of the RAS Institute of Oriental Studies inviting experts in digital technologies and using the results to develop the draft plan of informatization of oriental studies to be included in federal programmes.

D. Vasiliev
Chair of the Round Table on "Oriental Studies"
Vice-President of the RAS Society of Orientologists


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