Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods And Technologies, Digital Collections. Third All-Russian Scientific Conference
Petrozavodsk, September 11-13, 2001

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of the Third All-Russian Conference "Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections".

The Third All-Russian Conference "Digital Libraries: Advanced Methods and Technologies, Digital Collections" was held in Petrozavodsk on September 11-13, 2001. Over 109 extended abstracts were submitted to the Conference. Upon reviewing by the Programme Committee 45 papers (including 3 keynote presentations) and 24 posters were selected. Collected papers and the book of poster abstracts were published by the opening of the Conference.

The Conference preparation and work were supported by an RFBS grant, as well as by the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research of Karelian Research Centre of RAS, Petrozavodsk State University and "Eureka" Ltd.

The Conference gathered 83 experts from various parts of Russia (Dolgoproudnyi - 1, Kazan' - 2, Moscow - 39, Murmansk - 1, Novgorod - 1, Novosibirsk - 3, Orenburg - 2, Poushchino - 1, Protvino - 2, Pskov - 1, St. Petersburg - 12, Saratov - 1, Smolensk - 1, Syktyvkar - 1, Tambov - 1, Tomsk - 7, Tyumen' - 1, Vologda -2, Yaroslavl' - 2, Yekaterinburg - 2), as well as 13 specialists from abroad (Australia - 1, Austria - 1, Italy - 2, Moldova - 2, Spain - 2, the US - 4).

The Conference presentations included:

  • 3 keynote presentations (T. Krichel "Digital library interoperability with the open archives initiative"; L. Kalinichenko "Digital Libraries in Education: State of the Art"; M. Kogalovsky "XML Platform Standards and Databases");

  • 2 invited lectures (D. Fulker, Alex Ushakov "Developing Means for International Collaboration in the Creation of Digital Libraries for Education"; Terence Smith, Alex Ushakov "ADEPT: Core middleware search and client services");

  • 42 panel presentations;

  • 24 posters.

The programme included also a meeting of the Round Table on the problems of digital libraries for oriental studies.

The venues of the Conference were the "White Springs" hotel standing on the ourskirts of Petrozavodsk, near Lake Onega and the main building of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS. Both the hotel and KRC of RAS are fully equipped for quality hosting of scientific symposia - conference halls, rooms for panel sessions, necessary technical facilities.

Panel sessions dealt with the following problems:

  • Methodological issues of creating DL in science.

  • Integration of heterogeneous information collections

  • Metadata

  • Dictionaries and thesauri

  • Multilingual data access

  • Digital libraries in education

  • Technological aspects

  • Search methods and algorithms

  • Thematic data collections (I)

  • Thematic data collections (II)

  • Electronic publishing

  • Digital collections in traditional libraries

All Conference presentations provoked much interest among the participants. Particularly noteworthy were the keynote presentations by L. Kalinichenko (Institute of Computer Science Problems of RAS), M. Kogalovsky (Market Economy Institute of RAS), invited lectures by David Fulker (University Corp. for Atmospheric Research, USA) and Alex Ushakov (Alexandria digital library, USA).

Special meetings were held to discuss the work of the Conference. The following resolution was adopted at the Conference closing ceremony:

  • the Conference participants have stressed the significance and topicality of the Conference theme for promoting basic science and applied activities of Russian experts in the creation and development of digital libraries.

  • in order to further cooperation with foreign partners closer contacts should be established with ACM SIGIR, ACM SIGWEB, IEEE CS TC on Digital Libraries, DELOS: Network of Excellence On Digital Libraries.

  • the Conference participants have recognized the need to organize and hold the Fourth All-Russian Conference on Digital Libraries (RCDL'2002) in 2002.

Prof. V. Mazalov, DSc
Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee,
Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, KRC of RAS


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